लघु फिल्म निर्देशक – श्री कुणाल

Kunal (Poet, Dramatist, and Director)

Full Name: Shiv Narayan Jha

Date of Birth: 02.01.1951

Education: B.Sc., CWA Inter

Permanent Address: At+po.-Palimohan, via khajauli, Distt.-Madhubani (Bihar). Present Address: Rajlaxmi Residency, Flat No: 302, B-35 (Opp. B-30), Buddha Colony, Patna – 800001

Phone : (R) 0612-2525464 (M) 09334339348.

Literary Work: Poems: Meetak Nam: Anthology of the poem in Maithilee published in 1982. Samay Sandarbh: Anthology of long poems in Maithilee, published in Antika. RoopKatha: Anthology of long poems, unpublished. Assorted poems: More than 100 poems in Maithili published in several magazines, journals. Participations in numerous Kavi-Sammelans and recital on Radio and Doordarshan. Short Stories: About two dozen short stories in Maithili published in several magazines.

Drama (Maithili): Chetnik Swar: Published in Lok-Ved magazine. Chaalis Chor Aa Gonu Jha Urf Gyan Jhak Khissa: A play in Maithili on the myth of Gonu Jha, Published in Bhangima. Kusuma Salsa: A play based on the folk-Epic Raja Sales, Published in Antika. Vidapat: A play in the style of Vidapat Nach, based on the life and work of legendary poet Vidyapati, published in Antika. Charita Sukhant: A collection of four plays based on four women of strong will power referred in sub-texts of Mahabharata, published in Mithila Darshan. Ghogho Rani: Children’s play, published in Jakhan-Takhan. Others: About a dozen short plays and Radio plays published in several magazines. Drama (Hindi): Barbareek Uvaach: A modern play based on a myth of Barbareek (Son of Bhima and Hidimba).