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पडोसी भाषा-समूह - Mithila Darshan

पडोसी भाषा-समूह

There are several other languages spoken around Maithili and Magahi and Bhojpuri and the superposed variety of Hindi (of a deviant kind, of course) are the  languages also  found  within the Maithili-speaking districts. Bihar being a multi-lingual state with great internal as   well  as external mobility, one can find also a number of  Nepali  and Bengali speakers in  the  area  where Maithils live predominantly. In addition, since Maithili speakers are found in good numbers in the Jharkhand region too, one has to take it that Oraon, Mundari, Ho, Bihar, Darbhanga, Santali and  a number of the smaller Austric language speakers too co-exist with  the speakers of Maithili. At times, and more predominantly among the twice-born but non-Brahmin castes of Maithili-speakers, the contact with Bhojpuri, Magahi and Hindi speakers  are also established through inter-marriages.  And,  of course,  Hindi being the language of education  and  instruction, and  Urdu  being the language of a sizable  population  are  also available in Mithila.